High Focus


High Focus Records has in the last few years become one of the leading independent Hip Hop labels in the UK and not only that but they know how to host a party. If you thought Hip Hop shows were all about a bunch of men standing around in a dark room holding the wall and head nodding think AGAIN!

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Yerka Project

The Yerka Project.. An Unstealable Bike?

I guess worse things can happen to your bike if the thief cant work out how to steal it? Marmite over the seat, bricks through the wheels or Vaseline on the grips maybe? The Yerka Project has thought outside of the box (unlike most) and has provided commuters and or trendy cyclists with an innovation. Yes, thats right you wont need a lock anymore as it’s built in to the bike.

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Joshua Meador

10 Truly amazing scenic photos

It’s a Sunday morning.. you’ve had a binge at the weekend and now you’re in a reflective and inspirational mood. Have no fear we’re hear to keep you sane. Sit down and sip away at your cup of coffee and immerse yourself in these wonderful and inspiring scenic photos.

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Inbetweeners 2 Review

The Inbetweeners 2 – Exactly what you would expect!

Having one’s head turn entirely off its own accord is an experience which is usually limited to demonic possessions and the unfortunate instance of you accidentally walking in on your parents whilst amidst the throes of passion (DISCLAIMER: This has never happened to me and proof of this fact is evident by the fact that to date I haven’t clawed out my own eyes).

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the raid 2 g

The Raid 2 – a bloody, beautiful, brilliant sequel!

Bloody sequels! It seems that any film these days which achieves its financial goals, irrelevant of any degree of critical success, is therefore deserving of a sequel. These bean-counting bastards just look at the final figure at the bottom of a spreadsheet before green-lighting another 3 films and subsequently diluting the overall pool of quality film-making which makes our lives worth living.

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Refrigerating Foods

Foods you do not need to refrigerate

Having worked at different jobs over the years i’ve always found that there is a comment waiting for me when i get back from the shops at lunch time. You  go and prep what you’re eating for lunch and you might have some bits left over.. I’ve often found myself placing apples, bananas, potatoes and other items in the fridge, oh not to forgot bread as well.

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